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Welcome to Tiger Torre Art

Home of Leather Masks & More

Jennifer Tiger Torre works out of her home 
in Baltimore, Maryland, and has been making
hand-molded, hand-painted, wearable leather
masks since 1996. Alongside the masks and
crowns, there are other leather goods to be 
seen here, such as codpieces, pouches, 
costume & fantasy leather gear.

In case you are wondering why you need to own a leather mask, or what on earth you'll do with a leather mask,
consider the many varied things leather masks can be used for. A wardrobe piece to be worn for Halloween celebrations,
masquerade balls, costume contests and parties. A lovely accessory to wear at your favorite club, or for momentous occasions.
A distinct item of garb for Renaissance Faires or SCA events. A costume piece for stage plays, drama classes, and theatre departments.
A leather mask is a unique fashion statement that can lend its wearer confidence. In a leather mask, you can become a new character,
a different version of yourself, an inspired poet or an artistic muse. And last, but certainly not least, leather masks are
beautiful pieces of art to hang upon your wall and admire when you are not wearing them.

Leather Masks & Crowns
Each leather mask comes with a guarantee and is a signed and dated piece 
of truly wearable art. They are ready to be worn or displayed, and usually range 
in price from $40 to $200. Tiger can custom fit a mask to the face of the wearer, 
and work with people who wear glasses. Click on any of the categories below
for more information and pictures of the leather masks and crowns.
~ Nature ~ Culture ~ Fantasy  ~ Beastiary ~ CarnivalGothic ~
~ Custom ~ Solitaires & Crowns ~ Mask Info & Ordering ~

Other Leather Items
Over the last decade, Tiger has designed codpieces & pouches, custom mug lids,
knife sheaths & watch cases, bracers & armbands, cuffs, collars, and a variety
of fantasy leather gear. To see some pictures and get more information on
both ready made items and custom work, click on the links below.
Much of Tiger’s work in these areas is custom, made piece by piece for the individual.
~ Codpieces ~ Pouches, Cases & More ~ Mug Lids ~ Floggers, Cuffs, Etc. ~

Wondering what masks and other products we have in stock at the moment?
You can check our In Stock page for a listing of our current in stock products.
The In Stock page is current as of 11-1-16

Note about Custom Orders ~ November 1, 2016:
My availability for custom orders will be considered on a case by case basis
throughout the Winter. Thank you for your understanding.

If you are looking for the Folding Fans & Fan Pouches, please go to the Fans page!

Folding Fans

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on YouTube.com for your viewing pleasure.

Watch Tiger make a Monarch Butterfly Mask !

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Where will Tiger be this weekend?  Calendar

Tiger Torre Art will be at the MD Renaissance Festival each Autumn,
in a blue booth on Stub Toe Lane. This is our only "store front".
During Ren Faire season, from mid-August through the end of October,
e-mail responses and orders may be delayed, and stock numbers will fluctuate.
We highly appreciate your patience during our busiest time of year!

Contact the Artist : Tiger@tigertorreart.com

Last Modification and Update: November 1, 2016
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